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Monday, May 28, 2012

Liam Jude: 9 months

It seems at nine months, Liam is more determined than ever. His crawling is what we call "the worm"...something similar to a dance move that his Momma does. Besides his newly discovered worm skills, what else is Liam up to at nine months? Well, he loves water. Today he went to the pool for the first time and he kicks and flutters like a fish. Liam is also one determined little guy. His determination is obvious in all things he does. He sees a toy, he goes after it. He tries to grab things off the table. He gets upset if you take something away from him or turn him back over after he flips during a diaper change. And man, this guy is strong! Holding him down during a diaper change is no small feat. Liam is also fast. You can't leave him alone with small things on the floor, he will crawl (or worm) to them and shove them in his mouth, so we always need to watch him now. He loves to stand and walk, taking steps if you just hold onto one hand. He stands on his own if he can hold onto something like a crib or the ottoman. He is one fun little dude, always chatting, babbling, or making crazy noises. His tongue hangs out a lot and that smile of his is infectious. Poor little guy had his first ear infection. He took his first pontoon ride, he had his first bloody nose from his big brother (pushed him over at the playground), he loves to watch other kids and loves to crawl in the tunnels at parks. Liam loves music. If the music is on, he does a little bounce type dance on his own while sitting. He is a funny little man and his big Baptism is coming up in two weeks. We are very proud of our littlest son, growing and transforming by leaps and bounds. It's crazy to think he has been in our family as long as it took to grow him in my tummy. What a fun summer it will be with Liam here to keep us entertained and of course, busy!

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