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Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Milestones- Liam and Braden

So, we were on our "holiday" and I missed writing my monthly updates for the boys. Bad Mom, no I take that back, just busy Mom. So, yes I am going to put them in one post so I don't bore you with out-of-date information.

Liam turned 8 months on April 22. What is Liam up to lately? He is almost crawling. I think it will happen any day now. He can go backwards and turn a complete circle. He just has to lift his belly off the ground AND go forward at the same time. He hasn't put the two together yet. When he does, I am in big trouble. This kid is BUSY. He is always grabbing for things and cries when I take them away. He splashes like crazy in the tub. He has the best belly laugh and loves to be bounced on the bed. He loves watching other kids run and play. He always wants to be a part of the action. He is finally a good sleeper, although some separation anxiety just started this week at bedtime. He loves walking if you hold his hands, taking bigger steps than his little legs even go. Liam is a good eater, which is obvious by his adorable rolly polly thighs and legs. He is such a funny, smiley boy. I can't wait to see what his personality is like as a toddler. Right now, he is the most smiley infant I know!

Braden turned 2 years and 7 months at the end of April. Braden is my little sponge. He hears something and can then use it in a sentence. Yesterday he asked me if I disappeared when he couldn't find me. He asks questions like, "what did you do" and "what did you say" alot, instead of the typical "why" question asked by toddlers. He is funny and adventurous. Braden can finally reach the pedals on his tricycle, so we have been out riding a lot. He loves to hit baseballs, no more tee, just straight up bat and ball. He can walk far now, we walk to the park and back. He can put his own shoes on. Today  he put his own shorts on. He was boycotting meals a lot, but in the last week he has increased his appetite at meal time- thankfully. (I was worried Liam would weigh more than him soon.) Braden is still a great helper. He loves to get involved in everything. He helped us put down mulch the other day. He grabs things for me when my hands are full. He loves art projects, movies, and doing anything outside or that involves being active (kinda like his mum). I love hanging out with Braden, he feels like a little man to me. He can now recite the Brewers starting line-up, yikes. He likes to sing and he can count to 10 and sing the ABCs.

I am a lucky lady to have such two wonderful little dudes in my life. Everyone says it goes so fast, I don't doubt that for one second. They are growing before my eyes and I'm enjoying it all.

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