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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 Liam is working on crawling and is getting SO close. He can turn a complete circle. He can scoot backwards. He just hasn't figured out how to keep his tummy off the ground and move forward at the same time. I think he will figure it out in the next week or two.

This video was taken last week when he spent more time trying to fly like Superman than inching forward. I will post another one soon so you can see the progression in just one week. I have been giving him lots of time to practice crawling. If I don't give him practice time, then he tries to do it in his crib during nap or at night and gets stuck on his tummy and screams. I then have to go flip him over...so practice your little heart out Liam. You are getting SO close. Although I am cheering him on, I am also bracing myself because that means I have to re-child proof the house and get some gates up by both sets of stairs. Bring on the mobile infant (for the second time)!

Although, I do have to add that he is happiest when he is standing! He absolutely loves when you hold his hands and he can take steps around the room. So, maybe he will give up his super-close-to-crawling skills and go straight to walking when his wobbly legs can get more stable. He will keep us guessing!

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