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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Braden John: 2 years + 6 months

Mister Braden, AKA "The Big Brother" is a whopping two and a half years old! Braden seems about five years old to me with his questions, social skills, vocabulary and ability to understand things. Braden has turned into quite the social butterflly these days. Every time he sees someone in the neighborhood outside he asks, "Can I please go say hi to _______" (insert name here). A few times he has even snuck out of the house and crossed the street on his own to go say "hi". So yes, we are working on his listening skills. The fact that I constantly tell him to stay inside until I am finished doing whatever, or that he can play in the garage or driveway until I can get outside hasn't resonated quite yet. Hopefully it will soon or the neighbors will get sick of seeing me sprint across the lawn yelling his name because he is gone in the split second that Liam distracts me. These boys are alreading ganging up on me, I just know it! :)

Braden is still an unbelievably good big brother. This week Liam had his second flu-shot and while Liam screamed, Braden kissed his leg and said "it's okay brother, I love you." I really couldn't ask for a better big brother for Liam. Braden is constantly making Liam giggle, giving him toys, and he runs downstairs in the morning looking for Liam so he can say good morning to him. This is a Mom's dream, I am sure once Liam is more mobile they will continue to have more fun together (and I am sure fight over some toys but let's not worry about that yet).

What else is Braden up to at two-and-a-half years old? He loves puzzles, books and movies. He can put together puzzles all by himself. I come into the YMCA to pick him up at the daycare and every time he is doing a puzzle. Every morning when he wakes up he grabs a book from the shelf to bring downstairs. I took him to see the Lorax and he sat still for the entire movie and didn't say a word! He also loves going to SkyZone to bounce on the trampolines, well so does his Dad (like a lot)! I take him to toddler time and it's awesome. There's only so much jumping you can do at home- couch, bed, cushions, steps, etc...so SkyZone helps cure his jumping ails. Braden loves to run (yes, something mom loves to do too), play baseball (of course), and play with his dinosaurs or cars. We go outside to play baseball at least 2-3 times a day. When we ask him at night what he is going to dream about, his first answer is always baseball. We are also getting out for tricycle, scooter, coup car and big wheel rides. This is going to be a great summer for Braden now that he is able to do more things!

As you can see above, Braden flew his first kite the other day and loved it. He loves going to ECFE class where he gets to paint, play with play dough, and learn about so many things.  Braden is still excited about anything he sees outside- from geese swimming on a pond to construction trucks. He amazes us with his language, his quick learning and his personality. We can't wait to keep being amazed by Braden; it has only just begun.

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