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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Liam Jude: 5 months

It's that time again- monthly recap for the boys! I am a couple of days late. I am staying busy!

Liam, the now five-month old, is growing by leaps and bounds. I had to pull the 6-9 month clothes out of storage. Our littlest lad is a GOOD eater. He has started eating some rice, oatmeal, fruits and veggies and seems to like it all. (Maybe not the green beans, he spits those out.) He is strong and solid. I can't believe five months has flown by. The time goes even faster when you have two. We had a rough December, sicknesses throughout the house. Liam's came on New Year's Day when I had to take him to the ER because they wanted to make sure he was not dehydrated. He had the nasty stomach flu that has been going around. Other than that, Liam has been a healthy boy. He is sleeping MUCH, MUCH better too. He wakes twice a night still- but compared to 10-15 times a night that it used to be, it is a blessing! I can now get 6-7 hours of interrupted sleep versus 3-4. I am feeling MUCH better. :) He also takes a morning and afternoon nap of 1.5-2 hours and a little catnap at the very end of the day. He has gotten into a really good routine, phew!

What is Liam up to at 5 months? He is still so smiley. He likes to use his voice by making loud sounds. He started fake coughing just to hear himself. He plays in the exersaucer. He loves to watch his big brother play and run around. He just started going into his Johnny Jump Up where he can bounce, jump and spin around. He is strong! He will grab the spoon when I try to feed him. He grabs your hand and you can't loosen his grip. He is ticklish, he kicks and flails in the bath, and he loves to look outside and take in the action. Last week we went to the MN Zoo and he loved watching all the animals.

We are so blessed to have Liam in our family. He is a happy, active, busy little boy who we can't wait to keep watch growing. I am a lucky, proud Momma!

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