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Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Parks to Hibernation and Hot Cocoa

 Brothers hanging at the park
My smiley sliding guy

We have been busy with this crazy MN weather this week- 50 degrees and sunny in January, who knew? We hit probably four parks this week within a two day span. We got out for walks and jogs. Braden rode his tricycle and scooter. We threw the football around. Braden rolled around in the grass and brought his trucks outside in the backyard. Wham, then things drastically changed today and we are inside drinking hot cocoa, cleaning and finding indoor projects and activities to keep an active toddler busy. I am so glad I took advantage of the nice weather when it was here. I do not miss the snow and cold! The cold is here today and who knows when the snow will arrive...soon I am sure. All I know is that I didn't mind a brown Christmas, I love getting outside in January and winter can really stay like this each year for all I am concerned. I don't like hibernating but I sure like hot cocoa! Maybe we will be blessed with the winter of my dreams- just one month of snow and then spring can begin! We'll see. I am sure that is wishful thinking...but it sure has been nice and we have been taking FULL advantage of the gorgeous winter days.

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