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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Liam: Four Months

On this 22nd of December, Mister Liam is four months old! We are so excited to celebrate Christmas as a family of four. We will be home this year, celebrating with my side of the family and get to be in our new house on Christmas morning. Oh what fun!

Four months ago today, we welcomed Liam to the world. He barely made a PEEP the 30 hours we were in the hospital. I looked at Joe and said, "something is wrong with this baby." I also said, "There is NO way he is going to stay like this. It means we are in for it later."  Joe nodded his head in agreement and with wide-eyes. (Braden cried a lot at the hospital and then totally mellowed out.) In all due respects to my baby boy Liam, I was right. :)

Liam is putting my motherhood skills to another level (or is testing the right word here?) A level that I might say is extreme exhaustion. Since he has joined us I have come down with laryngitis, strep throat, and have had a mouth full of canker sores due to stress/lack of sleep and overall being run down. BUT, Liam is teaching me patience, to be strong and to keep working as a team to get him what he needs. Liam is a Spirited/Touchy baby. He is my sensitive boy. He is all smiles and coos when he is fed and well-rested. He is very vocal and puts up a fight when he is tired or hungry. He goes to bed crying and wakes up crying- maybe his way of not wanting to miss out or maybe waking up slowly like his Dad. :) The poor guy also suffers from silent reflux. He is a very strong baby- has a grip like no other four month old. He loves to stand and hates laying down. He flutters when he takes his bath, this kid will be swimming in no time. He loves company and his momma- if his back is turned to me and he hears me talking he will crank his head to find me. He already doesn't like to be far from me, he may be the baby to have separation anxiety- just a hunch here. He also loves watching/looking at his big brother which is so much fun.

It will be so fun watching Liam grow and showing us more of his skills and personality. I am guessing he will have a very strong personality, may be a vocal and independent child with his own opinions. I am also predicting he will be very active. I pray he does not keep me up all night long for years down the road, but for now it's just the way he is. It's my "new" normal to be up a few times with him when he gets upset in the night. He likes structure, routine and expresses his frustration at any changes. He is such a cutie. He is working on rolling from back to front right now- in no time it will happen. When laying on his tummy he tries to push forward in a crawl, so ones his arms and legs are strong enough I think he will take off.

Watch out world, Liam is growing like a weed (now is 15 lbs.) and I think I am a busy lady now with two lads. Once this little guy gets mobile, this will be an understatement I am sure! Liam, I love your smile and love watching you do new things. I love the way you watch your big brother- you are going to learn so much from him (all good things I hope- ha!) We look forward to showing you all the exciting and amazing things in this world.

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