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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farewell Summer, Hello Fall!

"Summer is not over, the weather is still warm!" or "I am sooooo not ready for fall"! How many times have we caught ourselves saying one of these sentences or overheard someone else saying one of these? Even though the weather has still felt like summer, once the kids get on the bus to school we really have to face reality - Fall has begun people.

Summer treated the Hammonds well- we did a lot of fun things and of course Mister Liam joined our family which ended our summer most perfectly! Here in MN, the end of the summer marks the great MN get together- the State Fair. Last year, Braden was only 11 months old when I took him, so this year we had even more fun. He loved the tractors, the Harleys, and Joe took him through an interactive farm for toddlers where he got to drive his own tractor, pet some animals, carry an egg, milk a cow, wear an apron, and he got his very own cow tattoo! He also got to try some cheese curds, a shake, and some caramel apples and ice cream. Oh what fun! What did Liam think of the Fair? Well, he slept the entire time so maybe next year he will have more memories to share (and he can be in the pictures)! I had to post some pics of Braden and his farm experience because he had so much fun.

I love summer, but I am really excited for fall. My favorite fall things are: Braden's birthday, wearing sweaters and jeans, tall boots, going to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, bonfires, the changing of the leaves, fall is my favorite running weather, pumpkin spice lattes (soooo good), making soup in the crock pot, Halloween, wine (ok, that isn't a fall thing but I had to say this b/c I am pumped to be able to have wine again) and of course my favorite shows are back on! Joe would pretty much just say football is his most favorite part I would guess, so I had to post this lovely pic of Braden and his Packers jersey. We are full into fall in this household...I even bought new running shoes but am waiting patiently to get the OK to resume working out again. Very excited to return to my favorite things!
Summer- you treated us well...but hello fall! 

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