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Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Weekend: Party Hopping

 A visit to Teddy Bear Park (Stillwater, MN)
 "One minute" says the Captain. "I am testing the wind to see which direction to go!"
 Taking his Captain-ship very seriously.
Chillin' at the cabin, eating LOTS of snacks and no true meals. :)

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. It was busy but we got to do and see a lot in just a couple of days! Braden and I kicked off the party weekend on Friday morning with a visit to Teddy Bear park in Stillwater along with a stop at the local hot-spot, Nelson's, for ice cream - hmmmmm, my favorite. Then, Friday night when Joe got home we went to visit our friends Kamie and Matt in MPLS. Braden got to see their dog Stella, played the drums with Matt on pots and pans, ate a lot of snacks and stayed up past his bedtime. The major bonus was all the airplanes we saw on our way to and from their house. He talked about airplanes all night long since their house is right under a flight route so the planes were zooming by nice and low. It's fun to see his excitement at all of his favorite things- airplanes, construction trucks, dogs, baseball, etc...

Saturday we made it up to Balsam Lake, WI to hang out with our friends the Wilson's, something we try to do every long weekend in the summer even if it's for a day or a night. We stopped over at Bapa's house in Turtle Lake first for some digging in the sand, playing with buddy Cole, and Braden's favorite- a boat ride. He got to be Captain of the ship for a bit and took his job very seriously - as captured above.

After our night at the Wilson cabin, we headed to Joe's sister's house in Maple Grove for their annual Memorial Day party/BBQ. We got to hang out w/ Braden's two aunties on the Hammond side, Uncle Todd and sit at the bar and eat lots of chips. Oh, the two pugs were also a big hit and strangely enough so were their doggie beds that Braden kept laying in.

Needless to say, we returned home late Monday night and we were all tired! Braden partied hard- staying up until 10:00 both nights, played in the sand and water, took just light snoozes in the car while we traveled, and filled his belly with chips, cupcakes, Popsicles and who knows what else. Monday we spent getting things done around the house and out in the yard. It's always nice to have that one day to catch up on things after you've been gone.

I hope you all made some time for fun over the Memorial Day weekend. I sure needed the break and a change of scenery. I had spent the past 5 days before Memorial Weekend painting three rooms in the house and I couldn't stand looking at another can of paint! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend as much as we did. It's always nice to have Joe around for an extra day of fun because regular weekends go way too fast and seem to get filled up with running around.

Now we are ready for June! Bring it on....

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