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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Conversations With A Toddler

My sister and I were talking today about how the age of 18-24 months is our favorite. Of course I don't know from first-hand experience what goes on past this stage, but it's so nice to actually be able to communicate with your child for the first time, see them so excited at their daily surroundings (things we take for granted) and the meltdown and independence stage is not at it's peak.

The past couple of weeks with Braden I feel as though I have hit that mommy bliss stage - i.e. I can actually have conversations with my 19 month old. They might be in two word sentences- but we actually get what each other means. So, when Braden says, "shoes on", "Auntie's house", "Da-ddy home", or "water please" - it brings me so much happiness because there is no confusion as to what he is trying to say! Even his one word sentences like, "swimming" as we pass the YMCA pool, or "shopping" as we pull up to Target make this momma smile and it's so much fun now that they can recognize things and communicate them.

At this age, they also are also still excited about what they see and do, as if they are seeing it or doing it for the first time. Some examples of this for Braden are: every time we see a construction truck, airplane or school bus he reacts, or when we run into his cousins at the YMCA he gets so excited, and when he sees the neighbors playing outside he runs to the window saying their name. I am sure in time, this excitement about everything, will pass. But again, I am going to enjoy every minute of it and add to that excitement while it's here.

It is also nice at this age that you can minimize meltdowns by easily distracting them and they aren't quite sassy or overly opinionated YET. For example, Braden likes to stall around nap time and bedtime. We read one or two books, and of course he grabs at it when we are done so he can look through the pages on his own. When it's time to put him to bed, I tell him we are done and he usually cries or has a tiny meltdown. It doesn't last too long, or I can distract him by re-directing his focus by saying, "let's grab your teddy" or "you get to turn the light off."

So for now, I am going to revel in my mom-bliss by having these two word conversations with my toddler and trying not to get too frustrated at the smaller meltdowns. Why? Because I know that soon enough I will be the mom that has to leave Target b/c her child is throwing a major public tantrum and I will wish I could go back to the minor meltdown at this stage any day!!

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