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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Braden at Twenty Months

 "Mom, why are you taking so long....let's get this bike going!??!"
 Baseball, baseball and more baseball!
 Hiding in the laundry basket...he cried when I had to use it and took it away. :(
 Being silly on the patio.
Playing in Dad's Luggage

Braden turned twenty months this weekend. I can't believe he is approaching the big 2. I have no idea where the time has gone!

At twenty months old, Braden, the young lad is as fun as ever! His favorite activities include: baseball, taking Burley rides behind our bikes, playing with the neighbors, hiding in things (like laundry baskets or suitcases), watching Curious George before breakfast every morning, playing in the sand, construction trucks (he could watch them ALL DAY long), riding in his wagon or on his tricycle, reading books, and did I say playing baseball? Yes, baseball is a current favorite right now. He loves to throw the ball, swing the bat, wear his glove inside and outside of the house. While at a baseball field, he will run the bases, stand on the pitcher's mound and of course pick up the dirt and throw it. He talks about baseball all day long, so that is why we are going to turn his room into a baseball theme. I can't wait! We will paint it blue and then find some cool baseball themed stuff to go in there- that's my goal before this baby comes anyway. Then he can feel like he has a big boy "toddler" room and we can transfer his baby stuff over to the baby's room.

Braden's vocabulary and awareness is also increasing every single day. It amazes me what he picks up. He watched a soccer game for the first time the other week. Today I pointed out a soccer ball, and he put it down and began to kick it. Normally any type of ball gets thrown, so it's amazing to me that he knew to kick it by only watching a few minutes of a soccer game. So, TRULY this is the age where toddlers soak up everything they see and hear, which is why I am trying to be careful. He saw Joe spit outside once and spit inside once.  Now we have to teach him that is only for outside....yikes. It's a good thing I don't swear anymore. :)

The best thing at this age is how Braden makes us laugh. Like in the picture above where he smashes his face against the screen door. He is already a comedian (to us) at twenty months old. He plays peekaboo, he makes a scary monster noise, he says "shhh" when he's trying to sneak up on Dad but his loud feet give him away, and my favorite is when he sings or dances. We have been entertained by this young man for twenty months and something tells me this is ONLY the beginning.

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Sarah said...

He keeps getting cuter! I didn't think that would even be possible!!