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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Packin' Up....

Braden in his backback is a foreshadow of what is to come! We have renters starting in our townhome come March 1. It has been quite the week for us. Monday we learned that the short-sale we were in the process of buying fell through. They agreed to our terms, but the bank and the seller could not come to an agreement. So, the following day we went out house hunting all over again. We liked three places. One got an offer the very night we went looking and we decided not to add ours into the mix. Then another one wasn't going to be ready in time for us to close before our renters move in (we found out it sold in the meantime anyway.) So, we were left with one last house that we liked. We put an offer on it Thursday and for the past two days we have been negotiating. It is in the same neighborhood as the house that fell through, so we feel like it's meant to be. Anyway, we went to look at it again tonight since we were in the area and confirmed that we really like it over some others that are out there right now. So, we put in our final negotation tonight and we are just waiting to see if they accept. I guess if they don't we will have to find temperary housing until we find something else!

This week has had some ups and downs that's for sure! I took things in stride the first two days and then I got a little stresed out towards the end of the week. Braden has been a trooper- being thrown in the car and taken places, having a few babysitters, staying up late while we looked at 6 houses in just 2 1/2 hours, etc... so, I hope he is the same trooper while we move!

We will keep you posted but we hopefully will be packing up soon and heading to a new home come mid/late February!

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