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Friday, January 21, 2011

New Home!

I have been dreaming of a new home for a couple of years now and my dream is coming true! Here is a sneak peak of what will be our new home in just less than one month from now.

As my last post explains, the past few months have been "interesting" as we went through some real estate ups and downs. But even with the rough patches, we are very happy with how things turned out.

I am excited to have more space for Braden most of all. (Well, and for myself since I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling cramped in the townhome - ESPECIALLY this winter...ugggg) I am also excited about the kitchen, that is why I chose to post that picture above. It will also be so nice to be close to some family, be in a young neighborhood with other children (and possibly stay-at-home moms), to have a yard (what is that even like?) and have all the ammenities close by like parks, trails, a community pool, etc.... Joe will be able to take the bus to work, even though the commute will be longer. I will be able to teach classes still. There will be a SuperTarget to shop at and an elementary school in walking distance just a couple of blocks away. We are thrilled and it really can't come sooner.

If I am not able to update my blog super often in the next month- you know why. I'll be packing! I better start now, but I am not sure where to begin!?!


IrishMommy said...

you forgot to mention that Braden will be at school with his cousins and your sister will just be a few miles away.... WHOA! so thrilled.

Jimmy Chipwood said...

I'm hungry just looking at your kitchen. Congrats on the new place....very exciting!

Sarah said...

Oh wow, Bridget! It looks amazing!!
I am so happy for you - it looks like a dream home. Enjoy the move :)