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Friday, January 28, 2011

16 months and Mama's Lil' Helper!

Braden turned 16 months old last Saturday. I am slow in posting as of lately, I usually post it on the actual day! He has grown into quite the helper (most days- ha!) He doesn't allow me to Swiffer or vaccum the floors without his help. He helps unload the groceries, he helps throw laundry in the washer and he can sometimes be helpful in putting his toys away (not always).

What else is Braden up to at 16 months? He is saying more words like more and cheese. (or close enough to the real word.) He understands way more than I ever thought he would at this age, which is nice. For example, if I say it's time to go upstairs to your room for bed or to change your diaper he will go stand at the stairs. Or if we say it's bath time he drops everything and runs to the bath. If you tell him to put an item or toy a certain place he will do exactly what you say. He loves exploring, if I set him down anywhere he will take off and just roam and go up to people and say hi (scary at times). He loves being outside even on the coldest of days- I come inside and he wants to walk around the sidewalks of our townhome. He also graduated to the official toddler room at the YMCA and is loving it. No more screaming babies to make him upset and he has so many more new toys and kids to play with, along with trips to the gym to go down the slides and throw balls around. Oh what fun.

He also is a very funny little guy. He laughs most of the day. He will put goggles on and walk around the house. He will rip his socks off while he is eating and bust out laughing. He will put pieces of food on his head to be funny. He squeals with excitement when he sees something fascinating or cool.

Braden also is a lovable kid which I hope stays around a while. :) He gives hugs, smooches and even likes to sit on my lap while watching his morning cartoon before breakfast. We will see how long that lasts, but for now we are enjoying it and enjoying everything about this fun age!

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