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Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Getting on our snowpants for the first time!
Outside w/ Dad.
Our little snow man!
Making snow angels.
Back inside with rosy red cheeks!

We had our first big snowfall this past weekend in Minnesota. The snow started Friday afternoon and finished in the early hours Saturday morning. Joe was in Dallas, set to return on Friday night, so thankfully he was able to fly home and was only an hour late or so. Lots of flights after his were cancelled.

Before the snow started on Friday, we had a last-minute showing. I cleaned like a mad woman and somehow managed to get Braden out of here a tad early (and even packed his lunch). Phew! We headed over to the mall for a little shopping and to eat our lunch. Showings are a good thing, I am not complaining but I was amazed that I pulled it off with time to spare. At least we have had enough showings by now where I have the same routine of what I need to do. It's hard on short notice with a little guy who messes up everything that I clean, but I am so thankful for his flexibility. He may make it more challenging to clean the house, but he never puts up a fuss when we have to suddenly run out of here right at lunch or nap time or when we have to be gone for hours during open houses. What a good little man!

So after that excitement on Friday, we hunkered down for the rest of the day on Friday and watched the snow fall and waited for Joe's arrival home. Saturday we were too busy to get outside and play in the fresh snow- swimming lessons, nephew's hockey game, dinner with family, etc...so Sunday morning we made it a priority to get outside. This was Braden's first time playing in the snow. I thought he would put up a fuss in the cold, but he got used to it and even helped bury Dad in the snow and make snow angels. We look forward to more winter fun with our little man!