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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas, Indeed.

It was a Hammond Christmas this year. We hit the road on Friday to Joe's hometown of Neillsville, WI. We returned Sunday mid-afternoon. Our weekend was spent with all of the immediate Hammond family members, and a bonus guest, Aunt Marge.

The stockings were hung. The tree was lit and all the holiday decor was up. Cousins played. Endless appetizers and cookies were on display for all to eat. Cards were dealed. Debates were had. Kids were tucked in. Football was watched. Drinks were served (and some shots but that was after I went to bed.) LOTS of pictures were taken. Presents were opened. We gave thanks to family. We gave thanks to Jesus. We appreciated the simple time together with no phones or computers to distract us. It was a nice weekend of relaxation and quality family time spent together. We returned home and unpacked everything. Santa came to our house on Monday morning since we were gone all weekend. We woke up with a wonderful squeal of excitement as Braden saw what Santa brought him- a Thomas the Train, his very own sleeping bag, a few play tools and some books. We spent the morning watching him play. Here are a few highlights of Santa's gifts:

When we got home from our weekend in WI, I took a jog outside to unwind. I thought about how Christmas has changed for me so many times over the years. From being excited about Santa's visit as a kid and guessing what could be under that tree (Did I get that Cabbage Patch kid?), to dealing with my first Christmas with my Mom gone, to sharing holidays with Joe, to now looking at Christmas through the eyes of a toddler. Sure, things change. There are joyous years and tough years, but the reason for Christmas never changes (the first five letters of the holiday say it all.) Also, the fact that we celebrate Jesus' birthday with our family never changes either. It may look different from year to year in some senses, but we are always with family.

I want to take this time to thank all of the special people in my life- family and friends. I appreciate all of the things that I have been blessed with this year, so many to list. I am happy to know Christ as my friend and even though I am not the most devoted Catholic, I still appreciate a relationship with Him and know He is always there for me. Many people get stressed out with the holidays, but I always try to push aside the stress of buying that perfect present or baking the zillions of cookies aside and focus on what really matters. Nobody is judging but our own critic inside. :)

What are you most appreciative of this holiday season?


Joe said...

I am appreciative of this blog. I love getting to see pics of Braden when I take a break at lunch. I'm also appreciative of the author of this blog. She is great. I also am appreciative of our great Christmas spent with family and the great Bowl season spent with friends.

Sarah said...

I am appreciative of time! I got to spend wonderful quality time with my hubby. I hope we are blessed with children in the future, because I am really looking forward to looking at Christmas through the eyes of a toddler. But I also enjoy the quiet times I get with my hubs now. It really is the most wonderful time of the year :)