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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick Monkey

I haven't blogged since Halloween but I know you have already seen pictures of Braden in his monkey suit. We spent Halloween with the Johnson's. We had an open house that day so we headed over to Woodbury for the day. Trick-or-treating started right after dinner. Braden wasn't feeling super hot that afternoon so he stayed in the stroller or our arms until we got up to each house. Then he was eager to reach into the candy bowl to pick out his prize - or mom and dad's prize rather since he isn't eating candy quite yet. :) He took in all the costumes and wasn't even scared, but just stared and pointed. Next year will be a lot more fun, but we still had a good time seeing all the kids and taking Braden out.

That night we awoke at 2am with the flu symptoms, so needless to say on Monday we were all in a vegetable like state with Braden feeling the best. It was hard to all be sick at the same time, nobody could really play with Braden and we would have to take turns making him meals because every time we got up we felt sick. So, the flu is going around so we hear! We hope you all can avoid it, but it only lasted one full day for us thankfully.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and the beginning of Nov. (yikes) is treating you well!

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