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Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Class

Braden actively listening to the singing.
Braden and his musical instruments.
Braden digging in the toy bin.

Braden started music class this week. It was so much fun. It is held at a church in Edina (just a private room in the church) and there are about 6-8 moms and kids. Four of the kids are exactly Braden's age- just turned one or are turning one within the week. I was curious to see what Braden would be like in music class since at home he is a dancing machine whenever music comes on. He also loves to bang things together to make noise.

So, the class started out with songs. He sat on my lap and listened/watched for a few minutes. Then he got brave and went and sat in the middle. As soon as the teacher pulled out some props- music makers, scarves, etc... he pulled his own right out of the bin. When it was time to put the toys away he was the only child who cried. :) He also did some dancing and cruised around the room to say hi to everyone. He made quick friends with another boy his same age. The two boys were banging on the window and doing lots of baby babble talk as cars whizzed by outside.

We have music class every Tuesday and I am excited to go every week to see what Braden does. He seemed to be one of the more outgoing kids in class so maybe he got more of Mom's personality versus Dad's shyness around new people??? We shall see.. :)

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