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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peek

Braden the monkey.
The three amigos sans costume...or are they the three stooges? (can you guess who is Larry, Curly and Moe??) :)
Wondering when he can eat that banana that's hanging out of his pocket.
Two monkeys hanging out - the skunk (Max) ran away.

Last Sunday we got to kick-off the Halloween festivities a little early with two parties. The first one was hosted by the Fultz's - full of animals to pet, jump houses, candy galore, hay rides and games with prizes. Oh what fun. The next stop was at the Sprout's where the three amigos got dressed up in their gear - two monkeys and a skunk. We had a soup making contest and it was a perfect fall hangout. Last year Braden was a pumpkin (oh and a banana I guess) and this year a monkey.

It has been a busy past week for us- showings and open houses. It has been interesting to say the least, cleaning this place so many times with a little guy around and then scooting out of the house either during dinner, nap or close to bedtime. I am sure there will be a lot more of it to come, so I am trying not to get stressed out or too sick of the madness yet. :) It will all be worth it I keep telling myself! Hopefully...... the showings and open house so far have been good and we have received great feedback. Time will tell I guess. Buyers just are not in a rush because there are so many options out there and prices are falling everywhere, so it will take the right person to snatch this great place up!

It will be fun to take Braden out to see the trick-or-treaters on Sunday, hopefully he is not scared of the costumes. I think we will head to my sister's since their neighborhood is really fun to go around and it's fun for cousins to hang out. Obviously Braden is still a bit young to get into the Halloween spirit officially, but we still have to go out and show him what it's about! Can't wait to fill you all in. Have a great and safe Halloween.

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