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Friday, October 22, 2010

13 Months and Taking Steps!

Posing for his 13 month picture. (sort of)
Braden chasing a squirrel with his push toy.
Taking those steps- arms in the air and so proud!

In my last post just two days ago, I said I would update the blog if Braden was walking. Well, yesterday he took five steps a bunch of times and then one long stint of TEN steps. So, he isn't officially walking I would say since there is still crawling but we are making big leaps! I think he realizes that crawling is much faster, so that is still preferred. But, if he's already standing up he gets this look on his face like he might try it and if there's something he wants to reach or go for, he will take the steps to get to it. It's fun to see him take those steps for the first time, what a big accomplishment. I am always there cheering him on so his confidence can build up until he's ready to do it more.

Today marks 13 months for mister Braden. He is full of energy, smiles and fun. He has been such a good sport through my numerous trips to Target to get storage bins, or being tossed in the car or stroller for showings or picture taking. He goes with the flow, and is a happy little guy. He definitely is starting to get more of an opinion of his own these days - things he likes and doesn't like. He does not like laying on his back. He wants to feed himself with the spoon and if you don't let him he will let you know! He is so curious about animals that if he sees anything from a squirrel to a dog outside he will follow it and if I try to re-direct him another way he will scream at me! It's crazy how independent they get at such an early age.

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