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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mom - 14 Year Anniversary

August 3, 2010

Dear Mom,
Today is the 14th anniversary of your arrival in heaven. Every year, I look back and can’t believe that it has been this long since I have seen or hugged you. I started these letters on the 10th anniversary; that year I told you I met Joe. The next year I told you I was engaged. The following year I told you I was married. Then, last year I told you I was pregnant. Well, this year I have been a Mom for 10 months now- the best months of my life.

I have to tell you that this year, I feel closer to you than any other year that you have been gone. I see you shining through and working your magic in my life each and every day.

On the day I gave birth to Braden, I felt your presence. I brought a photo of you in your scrubs (posted above). I told the nurse that I pictured you in the room. You are the reason (I think) why I was able to deliver Braden after only 40 minutes when he was faced the wrong way. You gave me so much physical and emotional courage that day; what an amazing gift!

I see you in Braden with his big smile and his bubbly demeanor. I see you in the butterflies that appear out of nowhere and aren’t in a hurry to fly away. I see you in the cardinals that now visit our bird feeder – your favorite bird. I see you working through Joe when he tells me he thanks you for raising such a wonderful daughter and being such a great role model. I see you in myself as I felt so natural becoming a Mom; one who is warm, caring, compassionate and fun-loving. I see you when I am reminded each day that family is the most important thing in life and that no time spent with family is time wasted. I see you when I am reminded how amazing a mother’s love is for her child. I see you when I sing silly songs to Braden and make him laugh because you have taught me (along with Dad) that humor and fun create the best memories. I see you when I acknowledge the fact that this time with Braden is priceless and my career and aspirations will always be there. I see you when I tell Braden I love him; you taught me the importance of a mother’s affection. Mostly, I see you as I thank you each and every day for watching over me, guiding me, and blessing me with the gifts of a wonderful husband and an amazing son. I know that somehow you had something to do with how my life has turned out. You are STILL an amazing mother from up above.

I told you last year that I would strive to be as good of a mother as you. With each challenge that I face in motherhood, I know I could not get through it if I didn’t have you constantly in the back of my mind.

Thanks for being my angel, my role-model and everything I aspire to be. You are greatly missed - this year especially because I know how much time you would want to spend with Braden. I hope you keep working your magic in our lives so I can continue to feel your presence always and forever.

Your Pina Colada


Dan Harker said...

Beautiful letter Bridget, but just one thing. Your Mom isn't working magic through you anymore. She is sitting back and reaping the rewards of all the magic she instilled in year so many years ago. It may be her teachings, but it is your hands that are creating the beautiful life and family you have! Love you all.....Dan

IrishMommy said...

I didn't want to read this today because it's still so hard! I cry reading your post as I feel the same way about what an incredible mother, teacher and friend we had. She is so proud of all of us and she is beaming at what a glorious family she has. A cardinal was singing this morning right outside our patio door - Mom was here! We are so blessed!
Love, s

Mrs. Soriano said...

Such a beautiful tribute, Bridget. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's such a tribute to how a mother can build into the life of her children for a truly lasting legacy. It's so beautiful to see you doing the same thing with Braden now.
Hugs to you! Sarah