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Friday, July 30, 2010

July Gone By!

This is going to be a double post today - two in one.

So, it's already the end of July! I can't believe it. July was a busy month for us. Joe coaches baseball and his team had two state tournaments in July. The team ended up winning the Gopher State 10AAA Championship - woohoo! We celebrated a great end to the season (and having more free time) by being vegabonds for the weekend.
We started out by heading to Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, my hometown. This consisted of a visit to Teddy Bear Park (pics above), watching the log rollers/Lumberjacks, a K-9 demonstration and stopping to eat along the local vendors in the park. We then stayed the night at Shawn and Kurt's in Woodbury and the cousins got to play together. Saturday, we headed up to my Dad and Pam's in Turtle Lake and all of the Sullivan's were there to hang lake side. We played bean bag toss, ate, drank and some did some kayaking and paddle boating. We then left the Sullivan's to go over to our friends cabin in Balsam Lake- David and Brenda. We spent all day Sunday boating on their nice deck boat. I got to float on an air mattress for about an hour, Braden got to be dunked waist high in the lake which he loved, and Joe got to get thrown around on a tube behind the boat with a couple of 10year olds! What a great summer weekend we had, and I can't believe it's almost August now!

I also celebrated a birthday this week. It was a great day. Joe made me breakfast in bed. Braden and I took a morning stroll. We hit the Linden Hills wading pool in the afternoon. I taught kickboxing and then Joe and I headed to Broder's Pasta Bar for dinner. Jess came over to babysit Braden, so that was nice of her to give us a night out. We sat outside for appetizers and drinks and then were seated inside and Joe held the door open for Jared Allen who was also dining there. It was nice of Jared to show up for my b-day celebration! :) I look back to last year and how pregnant I was on my birthday...and this year, Braden is 10 months. Time is just flying by. I do have to say that I feel a lot younger/better this year than I did last year. Full of energy and somehow I am keeping up with this energetic and curious little guy each and every day! Here are some pics of my little diaper head wearing a b-day hat for Mamma. :)

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Dan Harker said...

Not sure what the diaper on the head has to do with it, but Braden looks exactly like Joe in those pictures. Wish I could dig up some of the old pictures, I know they would be identical.