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Friday, July 23, 2010

10 Months!

Yesterday, on July 22, Braden turned 10 months old. We are officially in the double digits. Time is flying by, I can't believe he is almost one!!! Crazy.

What is our 10 month old up to these days? He is loads of fun! He is an expert crawler- fast and furious. He is smiley and happy. He has TWO teeth - the second one was a pretty traumatic experience for both he and I (lots of crying and no sleeping!!!) :) He loves to climb (per my last post.) He hand feeds himself- he loves pancakes and bananas for breakfast. He has tried ice cream and loves it! He loves swimming, dogs, playing with new things, going places and being chased around the house. He has a little bit of seperation anxiety (from me) but we are working through it- it's not horrible or anything. He loves to bang on the keyboard, as he is doing while I type this. He loves pulling things off of shelves, counters, etc.. he likes to climb inside the refrigerator, he loves stairs and anything that is challenging! He loves to bang two toys together to make noise.

Braden, we are so proud of the little man that you are becoming. You are full of life, energy and personality. You amaze us each day. We love you and are having so much fun with you. We can't imagine life without you! We are so excited to see what is next for you, since every day there is something new. Happy 10 months!!!

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