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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mission Impossible or No?

Braden scooting backwards from underneath the play gym all the way to the TV!
Proud face after traveling across the room! He is on a mission to figure this out!

Our little guy is trying so hard to crawl. He is one motivated little dude- doesn't surprise me. He can go up on his arms and toes, and sometimes knees but doesn't understand that he needs to move his hands forward to crawl. So, right now he's doing the backwards scoot. I watched him go from the middle of the living room (underneath that play gym shown in the picture) to right up against the TV. He then tried putting his hands right into the old VCR that we have sitting on the shelf...so his first experience scooting was already trouble! :) Needless to say, this weekend we did some major spring cleaning which included baby proofing! I will keep you posted on our "dude on a crawling mission." Right now it's a no-go but soon enough it will be mission accomplished!

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