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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Month Goes By!

Braden turned eight months over the weekend. It happened to be the day we had tickets to the Twins vs. Brewers game so Angie came over to watch Braden so we could go to the game. Braden did great and it sounded like Angie enjoyed her time with him. We are so lucky to have family close by to spend time with Braden and help give us some time out together here and there.

This month, this is what Braden is up to: he eats three to four times a day (we are starting more foods like real bananas and avacados), he takes two naps and sleeps 11 hours at night (there was some regression but we are back on track now), he is doing the army crawl and is FASTLY moving from room to room, he is only saying "Mom" and "Mama" still along with ba-ba and some other baby jargon. He is very smiley and happy. He knows how to give zerberts, he still likes playing peek-a-boo, he can stand up while holding onto something, he loves dogs, playing in the bathtub, laughing with Dad, exploring during the week with Mom and enjoys the parks.

It is very fun to watch him so determined and motivated. He sees something across the room that he wants and goes right after it in a matter of seconds. Scary yes, but fun. We had to move the crib down a notch because he is starting to pull himself up a bit when he wakes up. Oh, yet another milestone! Each month gets more and more fun with Braden and we are excited for all the adventures to come.

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