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Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Little Trooper!

Still smiles despite being under the weather!

Braden has been battling a cold for the past week, and late this weekend it made a turn for the worse. His cough turned into a hacking cough, he had more congestion and a bit of wheezing. I took him into the doc today and he tested negative for RSV which was great, and it doesn't seem to be pnuemonia or bronchitis (double great). He does have an ear infection along with a nasty cold virus that needs to run it's course (hopefully). We got some antibiotics for the ear, so hopefully in the next few days he will begin to feel better. He has been so good considering this is his first official sickness. The nights have been a bit rough, but during the day he is his smiley and playful self most of the time. We are proud of our little guy and hope he is on the mend very soon. It's hard to see him sick. Second to that, I hope that our night sleeping can be better soon too. As a first time mom I spend half the night up with him and the other half worrying so it's been a rough week or so! :)

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Dad said...

Poor little sick man:( Let's hope that last night was the start of his recovery and that he'll be back to sleeping through the entire night by the weekend!