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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Braden, Go Braden, Go, Go, Go Braden!

This is how he starts out his roll, by grabbing his feet!

This is how he ends up- smiling with a new view of the world!

We have a very strong rolling little boy in our house, watch out! Now I can't leave him alone because he will be all over the place.

This weekend Braden rolled over (the hard way)- from back to tummy. He did it once on Saturday and now he will do it like eight times in a row. What a champ. Now I cheer him on by saying, Go Braden, Go Braden, Go, Go, Go Braden. He thinks it's funny. :) He has done tummy to back for a long time, but this move requires much momentum as you can see from the first pic. He starts out holding his feet and gives a few swings of the legs and boom, there he goes. I think he is this strong from all the BodyPump teaching I did while pregnant with him.

It's so fun to watch these new tricks of his. He is so happy now that he can do more things and see the world from new angles! Way to go little guy! I guess crawling will be next...yikes.

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