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Monday, January 4, 2010

This Can't Be Good

Braden's innocent look. "Yep Mom- I am already in love with the TV, what are you going to do about it?!"
Already rubber necking at the television at a mere three months! Yikes.

I think I am in big trouble! Already at three months of age, Braden is in awe of the television! He loves the colors and lights! We don't put him in front of the t.v. and if it's on in the background we turn him to face the other way. Do you notice the picture I have posted above though? He is facing the OPPOSITE way of the t.v. and he knows the t.v is on so he turns his head to look at it! Unbelievable!! I am in trouble - I am having glimpses of my future. I am outnumbered in this house - two boys that will be watching football on the couch. I either better have a girl to balance things out someday or plan many trips away from the house on football days! :)

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Anonymous said...

That's my little football man. I am trying to spend a lot more time with the TV off at home, but it's been a big challenge with all the great college football bowl games on. Only a few more days of that (and then the Packer playoff run of course)!