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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleep Training!

Braden doing tummy time first thing in the morning- happy as a clam!
Braden wondering why I am disturbing his piano time by taking pictures!
Kicking the piano!

As a first time Mom I am pretty clueless on infant sleep structure. They don't just "sleep when they want to sleep" anymore- you need to put them down and keep them on a schedule. I have been doing a lot of reading on this topic as of late. So, this week Joe was in Fan Fran and I dedicated the week to sleep training! What is sleep training some of you might ask? Well, lately Braden has been crying a lot before naps or bedtime, so I was trying to figure out how to be more consisent and get him to go to sleep easier. He also would wake up after like 30 minutes for his naps, and at this age (according to the Baby Whisperer) they should be sleeping like 1.5-2 hours for their morning and afternoon naps!
So, I commited to staying home this week and making sure we are not out and about during his nap times so he can sleep in his crib. This means sacrificing my morning workout classes! :) I also started winding down about a half hour before he is supposed to sleep and implemented a "getting ready for bed" routine for him. We look out the windows in the house, we go up to his room, change his diaper, pull the shades, read a book, I put him in the swaddle and talk to him or sing, then he gets to listen to his piano while laying down in the crib. I shut the music off, tell him goodnight and leave the room. Woo-la, a baby that puts himself to sleep with no fussing! Just this little routine on top of being home consistently has done wonders! I have not had any screams or struggles with naps or bedtime all week! He is happy and smiley during his two hours of wake-time in between sleep now and doesn't get tired in between!
These pics are of his new favorite activity- I let him kick and play in the crib in the mornings on the piano by propping him up on pillows and the Bobby. He loves it!
Here's to more great naps and no screaming before sleep sets in. :) Thanks to the Baby Whisperer book and website for all of the great tips!

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