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Monday, January 4, 2010

Future All-Stars or Double Trouble?

Ryne Bartels Sprout

Proud Dad!

Ryne and Braden- Tough Guys!

Yesterday Joe, Braden and I went to visit baby Ryne Sprout who was just born one week ago today to our friends Brian and Lynn. He weighed nine lbs and was 22" long. I guess that is a good size baby but I still think all newborns look like tiny peanuts regardless of weight/height!

Joe and Brian played football and baseball together at St. Olaf so will their two boys follow in their footsteps? Who knows! I would say most likely yes, (do to all the exposure of these sports they will get) but you never know! They could be drama club or glee club guys instead - ha ha! Anyway, it's fun to see friends with babies around the same age. Max is another St. Olaf baby who is six weeks old and Grant is six months old. It was the year of the boys that's for sure! (Those are just the babies born this year, last year there was about five, mostly girls).

We have so much to look forward to in the years to come with our kids so close in age! It's also crazy to see how big Braden is at three months and two weeks old compared to Ryne at just one week! I think if these two boys are anything like their Dads they will be double trouble- stubborn and like to debate/voice their opinions! :)

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Dad said...

Double trouble is right. Hard to believe that the little man was even smaller than that just three months ago. It is absolutely amazing how these little stinkers grow! Ryne and Max are great little blessings and we're so lucky to be surrounded by such great friends!