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Monday, November 23, 2009


So we had a couple of milestones over the weekend. The first is that we made it through the second weekend without Joe. He had two back-to-back weekends of travel and although I thought it would be a bit much for me, it turned out okay and Braden was awesome. It helped that we kept busy with lots of family and friends time so hopefully he didn't get too sick of me. :)

The other milestone was that he began sleeping in bigger increments for two nights in a row. Saturday night he slept for six hours and Sunday night for seven. Both times he woke up to eat and went back to bed for another three or four hours. So, I hate to get excited but maybe he is moving towards sleeping through the night...or at least in bigger increments anyway. It's nice for me to get some solid sleep instead of the interrupted sleep of getting up every three hours! YEAH!!!! When he wakes up from his big sleep he is laughing and talking so loud- it's funny! Here are some pics of our getting to be a good sleeper guy!

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IrishMommy said...

Keep up the zzzzz's little chunky monkey!
XXOO Auntie Shawn