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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Land of Cheese and Beer!

So we had a great time in Mlwkee. The highlights were: hanging with Joe's neice and nephew, Cooper and Reece, and bro and sis-in-law, Jason and Shelly, watching the Brewers win in the last inning, sitting up close to the field, and eating at Red Robin.

The first day we arrived, we hung out in the backyard and had some slip-n-slide time with the kids. Boy the weather was hot! We then head to the Red Robin for a very yummy dinner! Saturday we hung out and got ready for the game, met up with Joe's parents and aunts and uncles and tailgaited in the heat. We ate lots of yummy food! The game was amazing- we sat right behind the Brewers dugout and didn't miss an ounce of action. The players talked to us, they threw balls to Cooper and Reece and we even saw Joe and Jason giving eachother high five on ESPN Sports Center the next day after a home run hit. Sunday's game was fun too- and then it was time to head back home Sunday evening. It was so nice to fly instead of spending 11 hours or so in the car! What a fun weekend.....it was a little hot for me (I had to put ice cubes on my arms and legs to keep cool) but so worth it to hang out with the Hammonds and have some Brewer fun (for Joe times that fun by 100 since he is a Brewers nut)!!

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Joe said...

Awesome pics. What a great time! Love the one of Reece in her goggles:)