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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Milwakee Here We Come!

This weekend Joe and I are headed to what he calls "God's Country" - Wisconsin. We go to a Brewers game every year with his family, and this year we are taking in two games in one weekend. We are able to get in two games because we are actually flying instead of driving due to the great airfares right now. I am excited to not waste 11 hours of the nice weekend in a car!!! (Not that I don't enjoy our car time Joe- I just get antsy after like 3 hours.)
It will be fun to hang out w/ the Hammonds this weekend - get away, do something different, and relax at two ball games in the nice Miller Park.
Joe is the BIGGEST Brewers fan I know, so I know this weekend is like his ideal weekend: being in WI, hanging w/ family and taking in two Brewers games! He already warned me that our child will become a WI sports fan whether I like it or not. I guess that is one struggle I don't feel the urge to take on because I know I can't do anything about it! :)

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Joe said...

It's official. We have ourselves a little Brewer/Packer/Badger fan on the way! Can't wait to spend a weekend away with you and to get to see our niece and nephew (and brother and sister-in-law and aunts and uncles or course).