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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Married to a Bird Lover!

So on our vacation to Mexico this February Todd (our brother-in-law) who is an avid bird watcher, got Joe into bird watching too! The two of them would wake up early and be gone for hours with their binoculars in search of rare Mexico birds. Ever since that trip, Joe is obsessed with birds. We have to take the binoculars out on walks, and we even purchased two bird feeders. At first we didn't have many birds visiting us, probably because we live in a townhome and we have a patio and not really an official yard. Well, in time birds began to seek out our feeder. Joe would run around the house screaming "check it out- we have a bird" and it reminds me of how my Dad would tell us to be quiet at the dinner table because we had finches or cardinals on the feeder.
So, here are some pics that my Bird Lover has taken!!!! PS- thanks to Todd for creating a new obsession - on top of football, baseball, hot dogs, and cheese. :)


IrishMommy said...

I told Levi to SSSSHHHH the other day because we had 7 Finches on the feeder. Just like my old man. I also LOVE watching all the birds in my 5 feeders and 2 bird baths. ... and I bought a bird book!

Joe said...

Check out that female cardinal in the top picture. I know it's not red and "outgoing" like the male, but what a beautiful bird. I admit, I'm kind of a freak about this stuff now. It was awesome being at your Dad and Pam's this weekend and seeing all of the cool birds they get up there.

Irish Eyes said...

You both are bird nerds. Shawn- are there lots of cool birds in Woodbury?