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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ultrasound and Anniversary Weekend Away!

Today was the big day - our ultrasound. I will try to see if I can scan some pictures in. It was such a fun experience, we were in awe! We could see the face, toes, hands, heart, spine, kidneys, heart chambers and the list goes on!!! The technician said that she had a great angle to see the gender- so she had us look away. She said it always happens with couples who don't want to find out- the baby is in prime position with legs open...but with couples that want to find out the baby is rarely in the perfect position. Too funny! What a great day to see this little one growing inside! It sure feels more and more real now. I have even started to feel little tickling movements here and there but I'm waiting for an official kick one of these days!

Tomorrow we are heading to a resort in Brainerd for our anniversary. I'll try to take some pics of the resort. We are looking forward to getting away. I don't think we've had a weekend to ourselves away since our honeymoon - sad, that is supposed to be after children. :) We are bringing our golf clubs in hopes that the weather is decent. It will also be nice to walk around, shop, eat at some fun places and just be away from everyday life! It's crazy to think that one year ago we were getting ready for our big day...and a year later we are half way through pregnancy. What an amazing year for us- so exciting. We are so blessed!

Pictures to come.....

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Joe said...

What a perfect weekend we had! I couldn't have dreamt it up any better. Thank you:)