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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Upcoming St. Patty's Day

I was able to talk to my good friend Maggie lastnight on the phone for the first time in a long time. How I miss her! One of the reasons I was really wanting to talk to her this week is because our favorite holiday is approaching- St. Patty's Day, so I have been thinking of her and wondering if she is going to celebrate. I have many fun memories of sharing this holiday with Maggie. My favorite is going to Chicago and seeing the green river, the bag pipers, and drinking green beer. Maggie is an Irish Lassie just like myself- and she married and Irish Lad so she is able to carry on the Irish name.

I also remember as a kid spraying my hair green for school each St. Patty's Day. Talk about going all out! Now, my St. Patty's Days seem much more tame- I am not willing to put up with the 500 people that like to go out to the three Irish bars in the Twin Cities areas. :) But, I have spent a few years at O'Garas in St. Paul, The Local in Minneapolis, Half Time Rec in St. Paul, Gabe's by the Park in St. Paul, McGovern's in St. Paul, and O'Donavan's in Mpls.

Recently, I also spent a few St. Patty's Days in Arizona in the past few years with family. My Dad likes to buy green trinkets so when we wake up we all have a necklace or hat to wear. We drink green Margaritas and have a celebration in the warm weather. We sometimes eat corn beef and cabbage- even though I am not the hugest fan. :) Really, it's about the people you are with and you can always make your own St. Patty's Day fun!

Oh what fun that St. Patty's Day. This year, I am not up to much - but I will think about all of the fun times I have had in years past.

Here's to good friends, celebrating St. Patty's Day whatever way we choose, and wearing green! Erin Go Brah!


Spartans Rule said...

Gotta love the ol' Irish holiday. We'll find a fun way to celebrate this year!

IrishMommy said...

I'm green with envy for you this year as you celebrate our big green day-mellow style! Oh, me Lil' Leprechaun... Does Joe has a blog now too? Spartans Rule?

Irish Eyes said...

Yes, Joe has his own blog. You will have to ask him how it came about. It's quite interesting! :)