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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lutsen Part Two

I could only post a few pics of Lutsen, so I will continue the post to a second entry so I can add more pictures.
The funniest part of the weekend was watching how these boys entertain themselves when they are together. They had a cookie eating contest- not how many cookies a person could eat, but how fast someone could eat one cookie and have zero crumbs left in their mouth. I think the record was 18 seconds, but I could be wrong on that. At one point, Brian and Joe had a competition who could make it around the entire kitchen and living room of the condo without touching the floor- so yes, Joe climbed on top of the refrigerator amongst other things! Then there's the famous booze luge that I talked about in the previous post. It was hilarious to watch them carve not only one path down the ice luge for liquor to be poured into, but this year was a triple threat- there were three tracks the alcohol to take. You could choose a shot made with three beverages and they would all mix together and land in your mouth as you waited a few seconds for it to hit your mouth! Hilarious!!

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