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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lutsen, Lutsen!

This past weekend Joe and I went to Lutsen with some of his college pals. This is a tradition, and typically we go every January or February. It usually depends on who is able to make it - but regardless, it is always a good time.

This year however, it was a little colder than in past years. Chad, Stacy, Joe and I drove up on Thursday night and it was about minus 40 that day! Friday morning it was minus 20, so us ladies decided to stay inside and just chill. The boys were adventurous and decided to give the cold skiing a try. Stacy and I waited until Saturday when it was above zero, and we lucked out because there was about three or four inches of powder that day.

Besides skiing, we then just hang out in our nice spacious condo that faces lake Superior, we play games, we take turns making meals, we read magazines, and talk. We also laugh at the boys who are always finding creative ways to entertain themselves - and each year they go hunting for the perfect mass of ice to make a booze luge.

What is a booze luge you ask? Well, they take a hunk of ice and haul it back (yes, like Cavemen) and then bring it up to our condo and put it on the deck. Then they bring it in for some serious drilling and carving. They make a slide within the chunk of ice and later they pour alcohol down it and someone can sit at the bottom of it and take a shot!

So here's to another successful year at the booze luge!


Joe said...

Good times! Another successful trip to the north shore. Let's hope we can get the Wards and Nelsons back for next year!

IrishMommy said...

Love the photos. So beautiful up north.