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Friday, January 2, 2009

Hanging with the cuzs...

So Joe and I were gone until Saturday night of Christmas weekend, and Sunday we made plans to have lunch with my cousins Julie, Heather and Ryan who were in town for the holidays. We met at Fabulous Ferns in St. Paul for brunch. It was a good two hours of catching up, and laughing. Julie lives in Seattle and Heather and Ryan live in Los Angeles. It was great to see them, as we only get together maybe once a year!

Topics of discussion at our lunch: Heather and Ryan are having a baby this coming June- oh what fun! Heather also has a new job- her first job outside of the classroom, although she is helping to test/develop programs for kids. Julie told us about how the city of Seattle shut down for a few days when they got hit with a snowstorm. She was stranded inside for a few days- as cities like Seattle never get snow so they are not equipped to handle it - no snow plows, no sand or ice trucks! But the good thing, is she got to have a few days off of work!

What a fun day catching up with the cousins!!!! I hope this is a new holiday tradition!!

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