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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Angel- a kind and lovable person, a guardian spirit, one who manifests goodness

So, Saturday morning I met with the founder of the Angel Foundation - a foundation that helps support the non-medical needs of cancer patients and their families. As some of you know, I have been researching and looking for ways to get involved with cancer families for the past year or so. I contacted the American Cancer Society, but because it's so big - I didn't find the exact opportunity that would be a fit for me. I feel like because of what I went through with my mom, and losing her at the young age of 21, that I have a gift to offer other people who are going through the same thing. Since I have lost my mom, I have helped numerous friends who have had a loved one with cancer - and I would like to help on more of an ongoing basis.

How did I discover the Angel Foundation? Well, my sister's friend Cari, who is currently battling cancer, had a benefit that was put on by the Angel Foundation. I couldn't attend, but I saw the link to the Angel Foundation posted on my sister's blog. I decided to email the foundation just to ask what they were about and see what type of volunteer opportunities they had. The President emailed me immediately to set up coffee. I liked that this foundation seems smaller and more personal- directed at just the Twin Cities area- and I was hoping that they may have more opportunities to suit my wishes.

So, I went to coffee with the President, Margie, yesterday. She is an amazing lady- she is 60 and is married to an Oncologist in the Minneapolis area. We actually ended up figuring out that her daughter lived in my neighborhood and shares the same friend as me. Small world!! Margie and I talked for two hours. She has a personal story about cancer as well, and we both shared how it has affected our lives. She started the foundation because she too had a loved one with cancer at a young age and had nobody to talk to or nobody to help her deal with it. Since her husband is an Oncologist, he was able to help support the foundation and got the doctors in the area to say there is a need to help cancer patients with funds for their medication, or rent if they are paying medical bills, and also support for their emotional needs. Margie researched for years, and officially started the foundation in 2001. It is now a million dollar foundation- they have fund-raising events, they give grants to cancer patients, and they have a ton of support groups for people of all ages who are affected by cancer.

I am really excited to get involved- after hearing my story, she suggested that I would be a great fit for the teenage program called "Facing Cancer Together." She said that I understand what these kids are going through, and could really help them deal with it! I am excited to learn more and see where this takes me. I also expressed interest in helping them work on the Marketing and Communications aspects of the foundation- so more to come...I feel like this is meant to be and could take me to new places.

Summary: It is very unfortunate that I had to go through what I did as a young adult - losing my mother - but I feel like I want to take this experience and use it to help others! Thanks God for calling me to do this...and I will keep you all posted on my future with the Angel Foundation. If there is anyone else out there who would like to know more- either in giving or volunteering, check out:



Gail O. said...

Bridget, what an exciting opportunity! You will truly bring a special gift to anyone you meet with!

Sarah said...

That is great, Bridget! You will be able to make such a powerful connection with those teenagers. Keep us updated!