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I am a Mom of two young lads, a fitness fanatic and wife to a die-hard Packers/Brewers fan. I worked in corporate america for 12 years. Now I am on a new adventure - raising my sons and working part-time in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. I hope you stop by and read my updates- family, fitness, or life related!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here is a synopsis of my Thanksgiving this year:
Wednesday: Joe and I headed to Stillwater on Wednesday evening. We checked into the Water Street Inn and took advantage of their winter weekday rates! The town (along with the Inn) was pretty quiet! We had a drink at the Irish pub in the Inn called Charlie's. We reminiced - since it has only been almost 7 months since we had our wedding reception at that very Inn! We then headed to Ruby Bagonia's to listen to some live music and grab a bite to eat. We were hoping to meet up with some of my high school friends, but they called saying they couldn't get a babysitter. We then were headed to the final destination of the Mad Capper- but passed Logger's and stopped in as a tribute to my friend Laurie who dragged us there two years ago for a shot! We called Laurie from Logger's to tell her we missed her. We met a man who claimed he was in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame and played with Reba McIntire and Chuck Berry- our night just started to get more interesting. He came to Mad Capper with us- and finally, we had to call it a night. I was getting sleepy and not such a fan of him ordering more drinks for me when I didn't need any more. :) It was a fun night- and interesting!

Thursday- Off to Mike and Shannon's cabin we went in the late morning. My entire family was there- with the exception of Liz and Catherine who was sick and had to stay home- boo hoo! It was great to see everyone, and see all of the kids playing! I got to see baby Ava again, and hold her for hours on end while she slept or just looked around with her bright eyes! She's a dolly! We stayed at the cabin until Friday late afternoon, came home to get some stuff done around the house, hit the gym, and relax. We had a wedding on Saturday- so it's been a busy few days and so fun!

Summary: Things that I am thankful for this year: An amazing family, a wonderful husband who loves me very much, friends that compliment my life - whether they are friends of 15 years or 5, a house above my head, a job that is stable and provides, food on the table, my health, the ability to appreciate things in life that are meaningful, God and all of the gifts he has blessed me with...I could go on and on, but just want to take the time to say thanks for all that is wonderful in my life. I hope you all can take the time to appreciate the blessings in your life too!

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