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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Well, Halloween is now over. We had three celebrations, which is why I call it "Halloween weekend." One was in our neighborhood on Thursday night which was just a pre-Halloween party, then we took our nephews Mitchell and Levi trick-or-treating on Friday, and Saturday we went to a costume party of a former co-worker of Joe's. We dressed up differently both nights. On, Friday when we surprised Mitchell and Levi in our outfits to join them trick-or-treating, Joe was a Jamaica Mon (as I like to call it), and I was a cowgirl. Saturday at the costume party, Joe was a priest and I was a hippie chic.

I hadn't dressed up for Halloween for years- so it was fun to do that again. :) I love going to parties to look at all of the innovative costume ideas. I think the best costume was a Ghostbuster- he had the full suit, the proton pack, and it played the actual theme song! I also loved being with Mitchell and Levi for trick-or-treating. Halloween is not quite the same without seeing the kids run around the neighborhood. Since we live on a street with all condos and townhomes, we don't get trick-or-treaters. I finally felt like it was really Halloween because I got to see the kids running around, and it really brought me back to all of those great Halloween memories that I have as a kid.

I hope you all had fun during your Halloween activities and celebrations and everyone stayed safe and happy.

Now, the next upcoming milestone- who will be our new President?!??!?


IrishMommy said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging! Awesome job...

Irish Eyes said...

I am trying- but it's hard to keep up with a blog and facebook after being on a computer all day. :) Thanks for reading it!!!

Rachel said...

Bridget, you two look really 'tough' in that Halloween photo - way to go!
Love the blog -thanks for sharing!

Irish Eyes said...

Thanks for checking it out Rach. :)