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Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a new aunt again!!

So, my sister adopted a gorgeous new baby girl. Ava Ayana Johnson arrived home last Tuesday morning. I watched the boys for two days while Kurt and Shawn were picking her up, so I had the privilege to see her in the middle of the night as they tip-toed in the house. I fed her a bottle, and she is the tiniest baby I have ever seen. Ava barely made a peep, and even smiled at me a few times. She seemed so alert for being just a week and a half old at that time. I can't wait to see little Ava again- she is so tiny, so precious, and such a blessing to Shawn and Kurt's family.

As I spent two days with Levi and Mitchell- we talked a ton about their new sister. They kept asking where mommy and daddy where- but then remembered they were in Alabama and they were going to come home with their sister Ava. They showed me where Ava's room is, and pointed out her crib. Before I put them to bed, I told them when they woke up they could meet Ava. As you can see, the boys are thrilled to have Ava around so they can hold her and hopefully spoil her versus teasing her...(like our brothers did to Shawn - HE HE). :) How exciting for our family to have a new addition- welcome baby Ava, we adore and love you!!!

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